Allison Mack Arrested

So, it's happened. Allison's been arrested on charges of sex trafficking, forced labor, and just...She's sticking by her master's side, too. I saw an article of people close to Raniere and they said 'that girl is so far gone' (referencing Allison), and I see they're right. This is truly tragic. It's not surprising, but it's honestly tragic. How has someone who had so much going for them allowed themselves to be brainwashed by a psycho, child-molesting rapist? I mean she, and those other women, actually 'fed' that asshole a 12-year-old girl to be raped. The more we learn the more horrified I am, and I think it'll only get worse. 

Fuck you, Allison. I hope you rot in prison for years to come for the horrible things you've done.


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