Allison Mack possibly facing arrest

So, it looks like there's video proof that Allison is still with Raniere. She's actually been brainwashed by that jerk. That doesn't excuse what she's done, though. She had a lifetime of being taught right from wrong, and using her celebrity to influence young girls and women to be lured into a cult to be sexually abused is something she knows is wrong, and disgusting. 

She's facing arrest and possible prison time, and in all honesty, I think she not only deserves the punishment of prison, but she needs it. She (and the other women helping this monster harm innocent people) needs away from this sicko's influence, and she needs to fully realize the horrors of her crimes. It seems, if I get the story straight, that Kristin Kreuk, who got her involved, got out of this cult years ago, back in 2012. She must have seen something was off about this asshole and left. My only question about that is--why didn't Kristin go to the authorities with what he was doing? There's simply no excuse for her not to have done so. 

Not only am I disappointed, I'm disgusted. She's absolutely ruined the lives of so many innocent people. I'm really just put off beyond words. Shame on you, Allison. Shame on you, Kristin. Shame on every single person who helped Keith Raniere do the horrible things he's done. Also, thanks for ruining Chloe/Chlark, as well. Ugh.


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