Girl Monday (grlmonday) wrote,
Girl Monday

What the Light Revealed (2018 update)

Summary: Maggie and Rick share a drink, a smoke, and a laugh. It soon turns to something more when conversation wanders into forbidden territory. Prison Era.

Note: I've done a slight re-write, and, hopefully, improved upon the original.

“I miss kissing, and cuddling, and pillow talk. I miss holding someone, having someone to touch, and being touched. I miss sex. I miss the companionship, too, but I miss the lust.”

Maggie was breathless at the confession. He’d spoken it so honestly, so eloquently. It had been a long time since anyone had been so completely open with her, and laid themselves bare before her with their words.

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Rick said, trying to walk it back. “That was inappropriate.”

“It was honest,” she said. “Nothing wrong with being honest, Rick.”

Click here for the full story.
Tags: fic, the walking dead
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