Girl Monday (grlmonday) wrote,
Girl Monday

New article on Allison Mack

So, this article offers some new details. Man, this is truly disheartening. I think it's all true because Allison has clearly been brainwashed, and this predator has his claws deep into her. She's not even trying to deny what DOS is. I'm really sad about this 😢. I had a lot of love and respect for her. I still feel bad for her, but she has to know, on some level, what she's doing is wrong. Heinous, even. Her friends and family need to do an intervention, get her away from that freak for awhile, feed her, get her nutrients balanced, and get her deprogrammed. I wonder what kind of collateral he's got on her to force her to stay with him? None of it can be worse than what we already know about her recruiting impressionable young women to be abused, sexually and emotionally. 
Tags: allison mack, chloe sullivan
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