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Life Is A Game That I Love To Play

Girl Monday
11 November
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A little about me. I'm a bi-racial country girl. Yeah. Life hasn't been easy from that alone. I'm straight, I'm fat (and beautiful despite this), I'm a Democrat, a liberal (on almost everything). I'm pro-life with exceptions to the general rule, I'm for gay marriage, I'm for interracial relationships, I believe in a higher power that I'll call God but I won't put a name to or assign a sex to God. No one religion is right or wrong, in my opinion. I'm against animal cruelty, I'm anti-death penalty. I love a little bit of all types of music as long as it's not too hardcore (like hardcore metal or rap). I like to write and hope to be an author. I also enjoy dabbling in digital art, wallpaper making, and icon making. I'm told I'm bipolar, but I know I'm monkeyshit crazy. I'm opinionated and can be rude and thoughtless so try not to take it personally. I like everyone and forgive easily, though I'm not usually easily forgiven, especially when I shout out what I really think about your shit and it pisses you off. That's a general, vague picture of me.

Back off! I'm a Ninja! You know it's true.

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