TWD: Rick Grimes

Cover Art: Treading Water

Treading Water, by Shippingslut

AU Brick. Takes place in King County after Lori's death. Rick is a crank, miserable, SOB. Beth is new in town and hired to tutor Carl through summer school. (I'm pretty terrible at summaries, so just read the thing. And I apologize for deleting it and reposting. I had problems with stuff. Thangs.) Rated MA for reasons.

Rated: MA

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Fic: Temptation (Brick)

Title: Temptation
Pairing: Rick Grimes/Beth Greene
Rating: MA
Summary: While Rick and Lori's marriage is falling apart Beth Greene comes to stay with them.


Rick took a seat on the front porch and heaved a heavy sigh. Lori was could shouldering him again. It was nothing new. Damn it he wondered why he stuck around. Why did he put up with the comments, the looks, the back view of her head at night that told him if he tried to touch her she'd tear his arm off? He loved her. He just didn't know if she still loved him and damn if he could figure out what went wrong. He hadn't changed but maybe she had. Maybe he wasn't enough anymore.

"Hey there, Mr. Grimes."

"Beth, hey."

He wanted to be alone but Beth Greene was a guest in his home. Her parents were away for a three month trip to Ireland and she'd begged to be left in the States for the summer. Lori had jumped at the chance to take her in while Carl visited her parents in Florida for the summer. Any excuse not to be alone with him, he supposed.

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