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26th-May-2028 12:33 pm - [sticky post] Welcome
DW: Come Along
Welcome to my LJ. See the links list for my other social media accounts.


31st-May-2016 06:49 am - Good News
HP: Umbridge
So, there's good news. I received an email about being harassed on AO3 by cray-cray girl. They said that their Abuse team agrees NaughtyNicky is guilty of harassment and is escalating. She's sent the case up to a higher up. I've got all my receipts in order if they need them. Screenshots of her crap. So, it may take a bit, but they're finally going to do something. Yeah, she didn't just troll my TWD work, she did it on a SV fic (making anti-Chlark comments).

I've reported her to FF.Net, so have other people. Still waiting to hear from them, but multiple people have screenshots of her breaking policy for not only plagiarism but for posting reviews as chapters, which is against FF.Net policy.

27th-May-2016 07:42 am - It's A Beautiful Day!
GG: Blance (little balls of sunshine)
Morning! I hope you have a good day. Here's something pretty to feast your eyes on.

26th-May-2016 09:14 pm(no subject)
Charles Town.
26th-May-2016 02:07 pm - Finally
Finally, some peace. No harassment. This is fucking ridiculous that someone could become so obsessed with pestering another person she creates sock puppets to harass someone over fictional characters and shipping. I know I'm right about who she really is. It's gotten totally out of hand and I legitimately don't know if she is aware of how unusual her behavior is. I would be willing to bet a penny she visits my social accounts off and on just all day. I can't "prove" it but I'll bet she's got too much time on her hands and that's how she's spending it.

Like...She zeroed in on me and i know why: she's a troll and I've fed her too much drama. She's hungry for more.

It's weird. I'm sure she doesn't want the Tumblr Bethyl community (as well as Team Delusional) to discover she's ihatethesnow/NaughtyNicky because that's her outlet to be an open bigot. She's afraid she'll have to either be honest about her hatred of African American/Black people and possibly have to own it, or reinvent herself. She's afraid the majority won't like who she really is. It's a shame Bethyl fandom has been tarnished by the likes of her. I know that neither Norman nor Emily, Andy, or Sarah would appreciate the types of antics she gets up to in her poorly written "stories" about Michonne. So she's made these sock accounts and apparently focused on me because I've been engaging.

Well, that ends now. If AO3 won't do something about her I'll just flat out ignore her. I'll ignore her on Tumblr, too. No way she'll come here with her racist, sizeist bullshit. I will not engage her. Never again. She's gonna have to find a way to move on because i have. Out of sight, out of mind. She's a nobody, and she's nobody to me, either.
26th-May-2016 01:47 pm - Richonne
Richonne Kiss 1
They are so precious. I just know they're rocking that bed like crazy every night LOL Daryl and Carl invested in finding a pair of earplugs just to sleep :p Look how happy they are together. That's what love is all about.
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