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Play With Fire

The sequel to Two Can Play. You can buy it here.

In just a few weeks time Dani Parker has gone from meek housewife to a woman waking up to the pleasures of life with the help of her sexy neighbor, Jake Archer. After an argument with her husband Tom, Dani decides to go out for a fun Friday night with her neighbor, and friend, Charlene. While out Dani runs into Tom’s old partner, Jon, a man who’d abruptly left town a decade ago. Now, as she learns some new information from Jon about the extent of her husband’s adultery, Dani has only one thing in mind: Revenge.
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Help spread the word?

Hi, guys!

KissAndTellConfess is having a week of confessions dedicated to Smallville from the 19th - 23rd. I'm hoping you'll download the banner on the post I just made and use it to advertise Smallville week. A Tumblr account isn't necessary to participate. There are no limits on the number of confessions anyone can make, though Tumblr will make you take a 30 minute break after you submit 4 or more asks in a row, I think. Don't let that hold you back. Submissions are open from now until the 23rd and only Smallville confessions will be posted during that time.

You can post about literally anything you want. Things you loved about Smallville, hated about it, your favorite characters and ships. All ships but Clois are welcome. Reason being I run that blog and I'm not making Clois confessions. Clana, Clex, Chlex, Chlana, Chlark, Lexana, Loisana, Lexis, et al, are welcome. Confessions about individual characters are welcome (including Lois but let's keep it positive and not bash her, please). So I'm hoping you'll spread the word by posting this on your journal, your FB page, your Twitter, etc, to help spread word.
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KissAndTellConfess will have Smallville Week October 19th-23rd. Submit your Chlark, or other Smallville ship, confessions, or just general Smallville confessions that have nothing to do with shipping, starting now. You can submit as many as you like, there’s no limit on the number one person can confess. So anything you want to confess about feel free. Thoughtful, sexy, fun, romantic, it’s all good. Spread the word to your friends! Even if they don’t have a Tumblr account they can come to the page and submit anonymously.

So come on, my fellow Smallville fans! Let’s celebrate the show!

*Some shipping restrictions apply. Please see the Rules before submitting.

Ten pissed

New Story!

I've published a new story. It's an erotic short story, published on Amazon. It's exclusively for Kindle so if you have that device, or have a tablet, pc, laptop, or smartphone with the Kindle reading app, you can read it. It's only $1.99 so please buy, show your support, and if you could, leave a star rating and/or a review. Also, posting about it on your blog would help tons! I'm trying to spread the word.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it sure is fun to try.

Dani Parker knows her husband, Tom, is having an affair because he’s doing nothing to hide it. When her sexy neighbor and family friend, Jake, comes over to wash some clothes, he sees how heartbroken Dani is over her husband’s sinful ways. That’s when he points out something that sweet, ever faithful Dani would never let herself consider: Two can play at Tom’s game.
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The Good Shepherds

Hey, guys, could you help me out? I'm still trying to get attention to this series. If you could blog about it, post about it, anything, especially buying/reviewing, it would be a HUGE help to me. The reviews are especially important because it encourages people to buy.

The complete series is available in paperback or ebook format!

Amazon || Barnes & Noble

Book 1: Maya Ford has been able to see the souls of murder victims since she witnessed her brother’s death as a tender youth. Since then she has spent her life with a deep secret: the souls of those who were wrongfully taken from life come to her for help. Unfortunately she hasn’t the ability to save them. Maya believes she alone can see the dead until her parents move to the idyllic backwoods town of Coalton, West Virginia. She meets Mark Wilson, a handsome young man who can also see the souls of the dead. They not only share in this ability but they learn that there is an entire secret society of people with the ability to communicate with the lost souls of the murdered and send them to the other side for either eternal rest or, conversely, eternal punishment. This discovery has a downside for Maya and Mark: War brewing between a malevolent entity the Soul Shepherds call the Rogue. His is a soul so old, so evil, not even the Shepherds know his origins. All they know is he is a threat to not only their way of life, but to mankind as a whole.

Book 2: Nothing happens by accident in the life of Maya Ford. As she begins to get to know Leigh and Bobby – Mark’s best and only friends while growing up in Coalton – she learns a dark secret that Leigh’s family has kept hidden for decades. After Leigh is murdered by the Specter of a relative, Mark and Bobby agree to go to any length to save her soul. This includes calling in the necromancer Sansera, a woman with many secrets of her own. Using her help to save Leigh, and later Maya’s own father from a vicious attack by the crooked local police, will have deadly consequences for everyone later down the line, and will also bring them one step closer to discovering the true identity of the Rogue.

Book 3: There are consequences when an empty vessel is possessed by Harry Burns, a Hellbound soul who goes on the attack against what is left of his family. As Mark and Maya meet new Shepherds, and learn to advance their abilities, tragedy strikes: Mark is left almost powerless from a mysterious attack at the site of a massacre at a nursing home. The attack seems to be an unfortunate accident until Mark vanishes, leaving Maya and her mentors convinced the Rogue has his hand in everything that has happened so far. Assistance, however, is not what they receive. To their horror they learn that the Elders, who have left the safety to the Shepherd homeland of Genesis, reveal that rather than save Mark and Maya they wish to sacrifice the young Shepherd pair to the Rogue to keep the peace, something they’ve done many times in the past. Now Mark and Maya are left to battle two terrible threats: The Rogue and the Elders. Secrets are revealed, a ruthless killer of children is brought to justice, and Mark, Maya, and their mentors are all pushed to their limits just to stay alive.

Book 4: The final battle between the Shepherds and the Rogue has come. Only one will emerge victorious. Mark, Maya, and the other Soul Shepherds must go to Genesis, the Shepherd Homeland. Mark and Maya prepare for the final confrontation with Cain. Their love is put to the test as Mark does everything in his power to protect Maya from the truth: It is unlikely he will survive the final battle with Cain. The Elders come together to work with Mark and Abel to defeat Cain, and an unlikely hero emerges when Maya puts her faith in someone she never thought she could trust. Mark, Maya, and Abel prepare for the greatest Witnessing in the history of mankind looms, and when the dust settles only one will remain standing to tell the tale.
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