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A Game of Grabass - Chlark

Title: A Game of Grabass
Rating: T
Pairing: Chlark
Summary: Clark doesn't realize he's been grabbing Chloe's ass all day.

At first Chloe wasn’t sure what was happening. One minute she and Clark were dancing at some boring charity function she had to cover for the Daily Planet, and the next she was off balance, having been knocked over by some drunk brunette with a bee hive hairstyle.

“Sorry!” she giggled, before she stumbled across the room, heading toward the exit with an embarrassed man taking behind her.

It wasn’t until she was gone that both Clark and Chloe realized exactly where his hands were placed. One was on her back, the other was planted firmly on her ass. Clark stood staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

“You wanna…move your hands?”

“Right! Yes…sorry…”

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Nightly Walks Chapters 4-8

Chapter 4: I'm Gonna Need You
In which Beth and her father get separated from the group and she reveals something secret to her father. Maggie has an important question for Daryl. Read on AO3

Chapter 5: 13 Walkers
In which Beth and Hershel clear the air. Maggie and Daryl do the same. Read on AO3

Chapter 6: Shelter
In which the group finds shelter. Rick and Daryl have to go on a run. Carol isn't well. Read on AO3

Chapter 7: It's Moments Like This That You Should
In which they have some really good luck. Daryl and Beth have some alone time. Read on AO3

Chapter 8: Mom's Dead and I Don't Need Another One
In which some members of the group object to Daryl and Beth's relationship. Beth doesn't feel well. T-Dog comes home with bad news. Read on AO3
SV: Chlark Secrets

Not In Between - Chlark

Title: Not In Between
Series: Biology Series
Number in Series: 3/3
Summary: Their bond can no longer be denied. Clark and Chloe must come together if they wish to survive. Lois and Oliver have no choice to but stand back and let nature take its course.

Crater Lake. The water was cold and refreshing. The temperature had soared to the high nineties. Chloe took a moment to dip into the water and let it cool her heated skin. She swam a few laps, came up for air, and saw him on the dock.

"You gonna join me for a dip?"

Clark shook his head. "You come to me."

She swam over and he helped her out. He pressed her wet, naked body to his and kissed her deeply.


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Nightly Walks Chapter 3

Fuck, it's cold. That's all Beth can say to herself. It's fucking freezing. Even Georgia gets cold in the dead of winter, and it's late December. The day hadn't been too bad, but with the sky so perfectly clear whatever heat they'd had that day was long gone.

Beth hates that she had to throw a fit and run away a few days ago to get her people to stop babying her, but it's worked. They're no longer shushing her, lowering their voices to talk about just how perilously close the shit is to the fan, or asking her to run some phony errand so they can talk behind her back. Now they're open about everything, and while it's scary and depressing, it's nice to know just what kind of danger they're all in.

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Nightly Walks Chapter 2

Maggie sees the bruises Daryl put on her skin the night before, even before Beth does.

Her big sister is always barging in on her. She'll walk into the bathroom to pee, without asking, while Beth showers, as though privacy for Beth is a foreign concept. She'll barge into her bedroom any time the door isn't  locked, like she has some magic sixth sense of when Beth forgets to lock the door and she always just shoves her way through, looking to boss her around.

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TWD: Bethyl

Nightly Walks Chapter 1

It starts when Beth seeks escape from the still quiet of the night. The silence makes it too easy for her to let grief and anger in. She wants to walk in the darkness, while it's cool and peaceful. Somehow walking takes her mind off the images of the friends and family who'd stumbled from the barn and gunned down by Shane Walsh.

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